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    cheddar flat bread

    being a libyan means i have to have bread every single day, its the usual normal thing to have breads as part of each lunch and dinner, for me i dont care what type of bread it is as long as it goes perfectly with the meal, i will always welcome those lovely YUM carbs :). as the everyday struggle starts of what to make for lunch i was really craving some cheesy bread but more like the ftera style, i didnt want it to feel like a real bread but more like something light and flaky, so i was like ok why not mixing both ? and by that…

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    2018 favorites

    When 2018 started I was closing my company Mezian because of few reasons and I had no idea what am I going to do next, I have decided its about time to start blogging, I was not sure how will this work but I believed I will find the way after I start, so I just started ( thanks GooGle for answering all my Qs ) and I must say it is NOT as easy and simple as it looks like, there is a lot of work behind each post, recipe creating/testing/styling/ photographing and even after writing there is post editing, not to mention all the marketing work ( which…

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    i am simply one of sooo many of you who used to go to the supermarket and buy those ready Cream Caramel we find near the yogurt section in the fridge, simply coz i have always thought making it is so complicated and NOT worth the effort!, till i decided to try it. before i come up with this recipe which i consider as a basic recipe for the Flan, i tried 6 other recipes and non of them was perfect, either too much liquid that it doesn't hold up the shape or too solid, 2 of them got crumbly for GOD knows why !!!! so the conclusion out of…

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    Hasa’a Dernawy

    i'm originally from Darna City ( my father side ) which is located in the east side of libya, and yes there are completely different dishes between west and east which is something i really enjoy discovering and mastering. this is called Has'a even though its simply a soup and we usually call any soup " Sharba ", long time ago people used to make it out of potato and lamb stew left over, or it can be made from scratch using ( Gdeed ) which is dried meat, deeply fried which give it the unique flavor along with its special herbs mix. i personally prefer this dish or let…

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    spinach rolls

    ever since i discovered this magically soft dough, i started playing with fillings, the dough is so soft and it welcomes any kind of filling you chose, just PERFECT! so away from all the meat we ( the Arabs ) love to use, i'm a big fan of feta cheese and i find it perfect with spinach, i think this is something Greek! but its just yumy in my tummy and so appetizing !!!!, specially the feta has that salty taste that makes me wanna eat more! these rolls are ideal for any occasions, i use them for brunch, side dish for lunch and they make perfect snack for picnics.

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    Peach Iced Tea

    I can call this drink, my Husban's favorite drink, he would have it with any meal, and yes for him it can be replacing water lol. when i first got married ( not toooo long ago just 10 years ago lol ) we used to bring ice tea ready to make powder packages from italy and i remember i used to panic when we are about to run out of them coz it means i have to wait till my mother-in-law comes for a visit or until we go there again, so i was just thinking about it, what would be so special in it that i cant make at…

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    Gammar Edden Panna Cotta

    we all know its not Ramadan without Mhalabia as part of the desserts menu,we make it everyday then we get bored of it or at least this is what happens to me! i have Gammar edden drink in my fridge coz my mother-in-law consider it as a MUST on any Ramadan table lol so i was just thinking of making something similar to Mhalabia but not Mhalabia, Panna Cotta was the best choice then i thought of Gammar Edden as an Arabic touch to it and a ramadany flavor! its creamy and rich just like any typical Panna Cotta,  the flavor of the Gammar Edden made it completely different, something…

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    Konafa with Qishta

    seriously!, when it comes to my konafa recipe i'm so SO so PROUD of me lol, i cant count the time i tried konafa recipes and couldn't get the result i wanted, either too dry, too hard to cut it in a nice way ..... and so on. this konafa recipe is soooo perfect, the filling can be changed into nuts or even cheese, the result will deffently be pleasing, not too greasy nor too sweet. for the Qishta and cheese filling it better be served hot or at least warm, no reason but it more YUMY when its warm :)))  

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    basic dough

    a perfect dough that remains soft after baking has been a nightmare for me, i tried soooo many recipes, different ingredients and even different baking ways, i kept failing in getting the result i was wishing for, a soft dough i can fill with anything and stays soft !! anyways, finally i found it, i have to say the Yogurt in this dough works like magic, adding BP does the job too beside the yeast, so i just fill it with what so ever i have in hand and shape it as i desire for the occasion, tuna, spinach or even feta cheese will do fine. its my basic dough!

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    Semolina Mhalabia

    we all know its not Ramadan without mhalabia on the table special for Suhur, i just love how thick and creamy they are, too many different flavors and decorating styles. i remember the first time i tried this recipe was at my parents house made by their old friend, that was YEARS ago but i still remember how good it tasted, i made a little twist to it by adding 2 tablespoons of sugar to the basic ingredients and i just like to serve it as individual glasses or cups. what i love about this Semolina Mhalabia is the creamy rich texture yet you can control how sweet you want…

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