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    Embakbka ( libyan pasta soup )

    clearly from the  name it is Italian Cuisine related! i think ( just a personal opinion based on some of the history info i know about my beloved coutry)  that we got the pasta dishes inspiration from italians back when they were here, we added the libyan touch and twist it to become pure libyan dish that belongs to Libya. there are many dishes like this in italy with different ingredients, simply a pasta cooked in the sauce instead of cooking each apart then mix,BUT libyans made it their own way, using libyan spices and i must say this is a VERY VERY popular dish all over the country, its…

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    2018 favorites

    When 2018 started I was closing my company Mezian because of few reasons and I had no idea what am I going to do next, I have decided its about time to start blogging, I was not sure how will this work but I believed I will find the way after I start, so I just started ( thanks GooGle for answering all my Qs ) and I must say it is NOT as easy and simple as it looks like, there is a lot of work behind each post, recipe creating/testing/styling/ photographing and even after writing there is post editing, not to mention all the marketing work ( which…

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    This is the most popular breakfast dish in all over Libya, it can be eaten with different combinations, the most used are honey and butter or date molasses with olive oil. its known as a tradition to make Aseeda as a breakfast on our prophet (sala allah alayhi wa sallam) birthday memory, a nice way for the whole family to gather around, it is eaten by hand using 2 fingers, which i have to admit i’m sooo bad in doing it the right way lol.   as for the ingredients, they are more than simple, basically its made out of just water and flour cooked on low heat in a…

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    Kofta with caramelized onion sauce

    there is no doubt about the history of Jewish being in Libyan, they lived here for years and years before they all left the country, but still there are dishes knows as Jewish dishes or let’s say they are Libyan dishes but were created by the Jewish who used to live here. the kofta with caramelized onion tomato sauce is one of the west side of Libya’s famous dishes, it can be considered as luxurious sometimes, i mean if you were invited for dinner and you found it as part of the menu then you MUST be dear to those who invited you lol. anyways, there is a secret ingredient…

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    I’m not really sure if this recipe is 100% Libyan but its a tradition to make for the first day of Eid, its the typical breakfast after 30 days of fasting usually people like with honey along with their tea or coffee but for me i just love it with cheese and i may add honey but the cream cheese has to be there lol all you need to make this recipe a successes is a very good quality flour, high in gluten flour will allow the dough stretch to a very thin layer which is the secret to have it light like thin papers. this is how the dough…

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    the KING! that is what i call this dessert, among all libyan sweets or desserts for me this is the best or let me say my all time favorite, Semolina, date with honey! its just magic for me especially that i’m a coffee addict so Magrood makes it extra luxury. there are sooo many ways to make Magrood but i must say the typical traditional way has no measurements, yes they keep adding this and that till they get to a dough that hold up in their hands in a certain way which is too difficult for me so i had to fix the measurements and come up with a…

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    Libyan Ghraiba

    i think this type of sweets or desserts is well known in most Arab countries, most of them make Ghraiba but its different from country to another, ingredients and techniques are the reason behind this deference. its well known as an easy to make dessert yet so tricky to get it perfectly done, as for the Libyan Ghriaba is has to be a bit hard when you take a bite, melts in your mouth and the more it cracks while baking the better it is and your ghraiba is considered a success. for me i had to go through many recipes, yes yes the ingredients are way too simple but…

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    Hasa’a Dernawy

    i’m originally from Darna City ( my father side ) which is located in the east side of libya, and yes there are completely different dishes between west and east which is something i really enjoy discovering and mastering. this is called Has’a even though its simply a soup and we usually call any soup ” Sharba “, long time ago people used to make it out of potato and lamb stew left over, or it can be made from scratch using ( Gdeed ) which is dried meat, deeply fried which give it the unique flavor along with its special herbs mix. i personally prefer this dish or let…

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    Dernawy Hasaa Mix

    when it comes to Libya, the kitchen is divided by east and west side, and its surprisingly different on so many levels, each side is influced by a different type of culture, Egyptian and Turkish for the east and Tunisian and Jewish for the west, mostly they have same types of dishes, serves same meals but they cook slightly different with some east and west special dishes. since i’m a mix of both sides ( eastern father and western mother ) i do both sides cooking, and i admit i have my own favorites from both! soups are 100% different, in the east side ( Darna city specifically ) they…

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    Libyan Ghrayba

    Ghraiba is an easy to make dessert yet tricky, as the type of flour and ghee plays a main role in the final result. The best Ghraiba has super cracked surface and a smooth texture that melts in the mouth. recipe Ingredients: 6 cups flour ( sifted) 1 cup powdered sugar 1 ¼ cup Ghee ¾ cup oil 1 tbsp Baking Powder Blanched Almonds ( for decoration) Method:  Mix dry ingredients together in a large bowl, in a separate bowl mix the oil and ghee, add to the dry ingredients gradually until we have a crumbly ball of dough.  Wrap and place the dough in the refrigerator for 30 minutes…

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