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Simply A Bread!

making breads and working with all types/brands of flours out there in the market have been a GREAT challenge for me, i admit i failed many times to achieve the result desired,i was really struggling to know the secret of making a bread with those big air holes inside, how to make a sourdough starter and all.

i MUST say this book ( Flour Water Salt and Yeast ) was life game changing for me, i cant describe how great the book is, all the details you need in a simple way to make great breads and pizzas.

so to be fair and honest, this is NOT my recipe, its a recipe from the book i’m just here to share this magic with everyone and make everyone feel as proud as i felt when i opened my cast iron dutch oven pot.


I must share few tips about making this bread before you start, such as:

  • the temperature of everything really matters, water, room and oven.
  • do NOT use HOT water, hot water will KILL the yeast, so do your best to use 32-35C water, cold water will make it veeery slow to rise so try to get the right water temperature.
  • kneading your dough will destroy all the air/gas  which means there will be zero holes in your bread so stick with the folding process.
  • after the dough is x3 the size, try to gently pour it on the floured surface and DO NOT knead it, just fold.
  • your oven must reach at least 230C
  • use oven mitts please everything will be super hot.
  • you really need your dough to be proofed right, as over proofing will make it collapse when you transfer it to the pan.




  • 500g white bread
  • 380g warm water ( not hot )
  • 1g dry yeast
  • 12g salt

special equipment:

  • a container with a good cover ( or a bowl with a cover )
  • cast iron dutch oven pot
  • proof basket
  • dough spatula


  • in your bowl, mix together flour and water using the dough mixer equipment ( you can use a wooden spoon ) until well combined and there is no flour lumps anymore  but dont over mix, cover and set aside for 30 minutes.
  • after the 30 minutes resting, sprinkle the yeast and salt on top of your dough then mix by folding and using the pincer method ( check the author's video ) , this method mean grapping the bottom part of your dough and place on the top, repeat with all your dough sides for about 30 seconds( wetting your hands with water so the dough wont stick as many times as needed )then cover and let it set for sometimes.
  • repeat that folding process 3 times in 1 hour ( every time you notice the dough becomes flat).
  • after that cover and let it rise for minimum 6 hours, till it becomes x3 its original size.
  • dust the proof basket with flour ( you can cover any basket with kitchen towel dusted with flour )
  • dust your work surface with generous amount of flour ( the dough is sticky ), pour your bread dough on the surface carefully to do not lose the air inside it, using a spatula try not to allow it to stick to the surface, shape it into a ball buy folding the edges on top then transfer it to a proof basket ( check the author's video ), cover and allow to rise again ( about 2 hours in room temperature )
  • while the dough is rising, heat your oven to the max temperature you have ( minimum 230C ), place the pan inside it with the lid on.
  • when the dough is ready to be baked, flip it gently on a parchment paper then place it inside your super hot pan, cover and bake for 25 minutes, uncover and bake again till it becomes nice and  browns.
  • let it cool on a wire rack before slicing.
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4 years ago

can’t wait to try it 🥰.
You always an inspiration for me, all the love for u thanx ♥️♥️

4 years ago

Looks scrumptious I must try it today❤️ Love all your recipes & I’m applying them all asap😍

3 years ago

It looks simply perfect, can’t wait to try it 😍😍😍

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