my libyan plates

i call it ” My Libya on a Plate ” simply because its  how i present the rich full of flavors Libyan cuisine, i do my best to make the dishes purely tradition with a slightly new way to present them so that would be called my plate!.

i have to admit i have never paid any attention to my home land kitchen simply because i’m some how used to it and i see nothing special it until i grew up and started to get into cooking and discovering the tradition way to cook and bake anything Libyan!

The Libyan cuisine is very rich with heavy influences from the Mediterranean, North African traditions as well as Italian and Jewish cuisines. These influences came in as a result of a long history of cultural exchange of generations.

Onions, tomatoes, lamb, chicken, fish, chilies, cayenne peppers, chickpeas, cilantro and parsley are all used in Libyan cooking. Dishes like couscous with our unique meat with onion sauce or meat with vegetable sauce is a traditional dish that is celebrated in different parts of the country, specially on weekends, family gatherings and in weddings, along with Breakfasts, side dishes and some vegetarian dishes.

When it comes to deserts, Libyans tend to have a bit of a sweet tooth, that’s why you will find them serving traditional or modern sweets after a meal and even in evenings and morning gatherings with friends. Coffee, red and green tea are well loved beverages by all.



so here  i am collecting all those amazing traditional recipes for you to try and enjoy …….

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