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basic dough

a perfect dough that remains soft after baking has been a nightmare for me, i tried soooo many recipes, different ingredients and even different baking ways, i kept failing in getting the result i was wishing for, a soft dough i can fill with anything and stays soft !!

anyways, finally i found it, i have to say the Yogurt in this dough works like magic, adding BP does the job too beside the yeast, so i just fill it with what so ever i have in hand and shape it as i desire for the occasion, tuna, spinach or even feta cheese will do fine.

its my basic dough!



3 ¾ cups flour

1 Tbsp. dry yeast

½ Tbsp. BP

1Tbsp sugar

½ cup plain yogurt

¼ vegetable oil

Warm water


Put all ingredients in you electric mixer with a knead hook attached, start the machine and showly add the water till it starts forming a dough, let it knead for a bit then test the dough if its too dry add more water till you get a playable dough not too sticky.

Transform the dough into a flat clean surface dusted with some flour, knead it by hand for few minutes then place it in a deep oiled bowl and cover for at least 2 hours.

Once the dough is X2 the size it can be filled and shaped as you desire.



نحطوا كل المكونات ماعدا الماء في العجانة الكهربائية و نبدو نضيفوا الماء تدريجيا لين تبدا تتكون عجينة ، العجينة تكون رطبة و سهلة في التشكيل بس ما تتلصفش.

علي سطح املس نرشوا شوية دقيق و نعجنوا العجينة شوية و بعدين نحطوها في صحن مدهون بزيت ترتاح مدة اقل شي ساعتين.

بعد ما ترتاح العجينة و يتضاعف حجمها تصبح جاهزة انها تنحشى و تتشكل حسب الرغبة.


3 ¾ كوب دقيق

1 م.ك خميرة

½ م.ك بيكيج باودر

1 م.ك سكر

½ كوب زبادي سادة

¼ كوب زيت نباتي

ماء دافي للعجن

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6 years ago

فعلا الياغرت يخفف.. وايضا الخل…

6 years ago
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