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Dernawy Hasaa Mix

when it comes to Libya, the kitchen is divided by east and west side, and its surprisingly different on so many levels, each side is influced by a different type of culture, Egyptian and Turkish for the east and Tunisian and Jewish for the west, mostly they have same types of dishes, serves same meals but they cook slightly different with some east and west special dishes.

since i’m a mix of both sides ( eastern father and western mother ) i do both sides cooking, and i admit i have my own favorites from both!

soups are 100% different, in the east side ( Darna city specifically ) they make a thick kind of soup they call it Hasa’a, made with dry fried meat, a mix of fresh yum essential herbs, think they thicken it with flour and water.

i personally make a big patch of this mix and keep it in a jar covered with olive oil, it lasts for more than a month in the fridge and remains fresh.



4 cups fresh basil leaves

1 cup fresh cilantro leaves

½ cup fresh mint leaves

8 garlic gloves ( pealed )

1 green hot pepper

½ cup olive oil

1 tsps. Salt

Method :

Put everything in a food processor till they become fine not super fine coz u still want to see small pieces of the green leaves.

Pour it into clean glass jars and make sure its covered with oil so add more if needed, close the jar and keep in the fridge.



نحطوا كل المكونات في الخلاط بس ما نرحوهمش لين يولو ساثل يعني ضروري نخلو فيهم شكل الورق صغير، نفرغهم في فازوات زجاج و نتأكدوا من انهم تغطوا بالزيت و نزيدوا لو محتاجين لين المحتوى يتغطى بالزيت كويس و نحطهم في الثلاجة.


4 اكواب أوراق ريحان طازج

1 كوب أوراق الكزبرة الطازجة

½ كوب أوراق نعناع طازج

8 ثوم مقشر

½ كوب زيت زيتون

1 م.ص ملح

use this recipe to make

Dernawy Hasa'a
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