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i am simply one of sooo many of you who used to go to the supermarket and buy those ready Cream Caramel we find near the yogurt section in the fridge, simply coz i have always thought making it is so complicated and NOT worth the effort!, till i decided to try it.

before i come up with this recipe which i consider as a basic recipe for the Flan, i tried 6 other recipes and non of them was perfect, either too much liquid that it doesn’t hold up the shape or too solid, 2 of them got crumbly for GOD knows why !!!!

so the conclusion out of that mess was this easy simple recipe, to get the max of flavor and the best result you really need to use the best ingredients you can have in hand, good quality Souffle pans like Ramekins ( which i used ), the right oven temperature is very important also.

just quality and master the technique!


those are the ceramic pans i use to make individual flans, i use thick cake pan if i was planing to make a big one which requires to double the ingredients.

spreading that hot caramel ( sugar ) all over individual pans has to be quick as the caramel becomes sold immediately once it cools down and that will happen once it touches a cold surface!, so my way or let me say the trick i use is, i put my Ramekins in a hot oven while i prepare the caramel, because when they r hot its way much easier to slide it all over the edges!

now its so important to allow them to cool completely before pouring the creamy custard into them to prevent eggs from cooking!

so many recipes out there will only require mixing those wet ingredients ( milk and eggs ) then pour them over the caramel coated Ramekins, BUT, i find it way much better to warm up the mixture, this step will make baking time less beside it makes a better solid creamy flan texture.

If you dont like that skin on top of it, which i dont really mind, or i simply remove it by hand when they cool down, but you can prevent it from happening by baking without turning on the oven fan, or simply cover your pans with aluminium foil while they are baking.

the moment of truth comes! lol i make this recipe all time and I still PANIC every time this flipping moment comes .

so just allow them to cool in room temperature completely, then leave them in the fridge for at least 4 hours, slide your knife along the sides very well, shake shake  then FLIP ! if breaks a bit dont be upset it still tastes the same lol



180g white sugar

2TBsp water

500ml full fat milk

4 eggs

2 Tbsp. white sugar

2 Tbsp. vanilla extract


Warm up the oven and put 4 Ramekins pans in it.

While the pans warm up make the caramel, in a deep sauce pan mix 180g sugar and 2 Tbsp water, leave on a medium heat till it starts changing in color, don’t stir ( you can shake the pan a bit) but just leave it till all becomes brown.

Take it off the heat and immediately pour the caramel into the Ramekins and make sure you coat the sides with it very well, leave to cool in room temperature.

Preheat oven to 160C, rack in the middle.

In a sauce pan mix milk, eggs and sugar over medium heat to warm up ( do NOT boil ) then strain it into a deep bowl to get rid of any undesired things, add vanilla and mix well then pour the custard into the Ramekins evenly.

Put them in a baking pan and pour some boiling water in it, then into the oven for about 30 minutes or until they feel a bit solid when you shake the pan and a toothpick comes out clean.

Allow them to cool in room temperature then for at least 4 hours in the fridge.

Slide a sharp knife all over the edges, shake it a bit to make sure its free and moving then flip it to your serving plate, you can add double cream if you want.


الطريقة :

نسخنوا الفرن شوية و نحطوا فيه الطواجين اللي حنستعملوهم .

في طنجرة نخلطو ال 180 جرام سكر مع الماء و نحطوهم على نار هادية لين يتغير لون السكر و يبدا يتكرمل، بدون تحريك ابدا الا لو شوية نهزا الطنجرة، لما يتكرمل ( يصبح بني اللون ) السكر كله نصبوه في الطواجين الدافيات و نوزعوه داخلهم و على الاطراف كويس، نخلوهم يبردوا بحرارة الغرفة تماما.

نسخنوا الفرن على 160 درجة مئوية و نحطوا الرف في النص.

في طنجرة على نار هادية نخلطو الحليب و السكر و البيض مع الاستمرار في التحريك لين يدفى الخليط ( يعني لو نحطوا صبعنا ما يحرقش ) نطفوا النار و نصفوا الخليط في صحن عميق للتخلص من أي حاجة زايدة، و نزيدوا عليهم الفانيليا.

نصبوا خليط الكاسترد في الطواجين بالتساوي و نحطوهم في طاجين عالي شوية فيه امية تغلي بمستوى نص الارتفاع، ندخلهم الفرن لمدة 30 دقيقة او لين لما نهزوا الطاجين شوية القوام متاع الكاسترد ما يكونش سائل و يصبح متماسك الى حد ما و لما ندخل فيها عود اسنان يطلع نظيف.

نخلوهم يبردوا تماما في حرارة الغرفة  بعدين في الثلاجة لمدة لا تقل عن 4 ساعات، نمرروا موس على الأطراف و نهزها كويس عسان نتأكدوا انها تتحرك و نقلبوها في صحن التقديم.


( يكفي اربعة اشخاص )

180 جرام سكر

2 م.ك ماء

500 مل حليب كامل الدسم

2 م.ك سكر

4 بيضات

2 م.ك فانيليا سائلة

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