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    Lancashire Cookies

    this is the kind of recipes that never lets you down, easy with simple ingredients and the result is delicate and elegant! i usually make these cookies for tea parties or even for my kids to play with, like they choose their favorite jam to stick the two cookies and cover them with sugar sprinkles then eat what they have made, its kindda mess but some how super fun :))) for the past 3 years i added it to my Eid sweets menu as it can be baked ahead of time and just finish the jam gluing part in the Eid morning.   Let them cool completely before you glue…

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    date cake with meringue buttercream

    since its Ramadan, i have alot of Dates in my fridge, and to be honest i am getting bored of the typical ramadan desserts with alot of sugar syrup, Qishta and so on, so i was trying to come up with something new using dates but at the same time not the typical desserts. i have tried a recipe i found online for Sticky Date cake from this website ( clean eating ), it was nice and moist ( had to change few things in it ) then it hit me to make a change to it using maybe toffee!  and because i'm not a big fan of whipping cream…

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    i am simply one of sooo many of you who used to go to the supermarket and buy those ready Cream Caramel we find near the yogurt section in the fridge, simply coz i have always thought making it is so complicated and NOT worth the effort!, till i decided to try it. before i come up with this recipe which i consider as a basic recipe for the Flan, i tried 6 other recipes and non of them was perfect, either too much liquid that it doesn't hold up the shape or too solid, 2 of them got crumbly for GOD knows why !!!! so the conclusion out of…

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    Gammar Edden Panna Cotta

    we all know its not Ramadan without Mhalabia as part of the desserts menu,we make it everyday then we get bored of it or at least this is what happens to me! i have Gammar edden drink in my fridge coz my mother-in-law consider it as a MUST on any Ramadan table lol so i was just thinking of making something similar to Mhalabia but not Mhalabia, Panna Cotta was the best choice then i thought of Gammar Edden as an Arabic touch to it and a ramadany flavor! its creamy and rich just like any typical Panna Cotta,  the flavor of the Gammar Edden made it completely different, something…

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    Konafa with Qishta

    seriously!, when it comes to my konafa recipe i'm so SO so PROUD of me lol, i cant count the time i tried konafa recipes and couldn't get the result i wanted, either too dry, too hard to cut it in a nice way ..... and so on. this konafa recipe is soooo perfect, the filling can be changed into nuts or even cheese, the result will deffently be pleasing, not too greasy nor too sweet. for the Qishta and cheese filling it better be served hot or at least warm, no reason but it more YUMY when its warm :)))  

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    Semolina Mhalabia

    we all know its not Ramadan without mhalabia on the table special for Suhur, i just love how thick and creamy they are, too many different flavors and decorating styles. i remember the first time i tried this recipe was at my parents house made by their old friend, that was YEARS ago but i still remember how good it tasted, i made a little twist to it by adding 2 tablespoons of sugar to the basic ingredients and i just like to serve it as individual glasses or cups. what i love about this Semolina Mhalabia is the creamy rich texture yet you can control how sweet you want…

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    i know many people will go crazy and loose their minds over any chocolaty desserts, the thing is i dont!! but if you show me something full of fruits specially lemons, strawberries, oh if you do Raspberry i will definitely go CRAZY lol. i love meringues and i usually make them for my kids as a somehow "healthy" candy ( i knoooow full of sugar is not healthy at all ) but this time i took the challenge to try the Pavlova and i guess its as easy as i didnt expect! just few tricky tricks and there you go something amazingly light, sweet and FRESH

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    Pecan Pie bundt cake

    i have been thinking of those super pretty Bundt cake pans for quite sometime and wondering if i should really get one or it's just the kitchen stuff addiction i have!!!! so after like a month of thinking i did it and bought this elegant swirl shape Nordic Bundt cake pan, to be honest the result in the cake it self is different and the cake was baked much better than the regular brands, BUT getting the cake outta that Nordic one is like waiting for a test result!!! its like i flip it, hold my heart in my hands and pray it does NOT stick to it!!! anyways i…

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    filled donuts

    i'm not a big fan of fried food but watching Zoe's story on Instagram making Jelly Doughnuts made me just want to try them specially that i have some lemon curd left from 2 days ago when i made the Pavlova. this recipe belongs to Amber Wilson but i copied it from Zoe's website so its 100% not mine except i changed the filling, i must say its such a light fluffy dough, the donuts were soo fluffy and cooked in no time!  oh and i stole or let's say i copied this super smart idea from my dear Cleubuttera when she made her Nutella Filled doughnuts by placing each donuts ball on a small piece of parchment paper, to make it easier for…

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