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    Libyan Bread

    This recipe is definitely influenced by the Italians who lived in Libya ( Tripoli ), it is very close to the ciabatta bread except for the shiny crust of it as the Libyan one is wiped with a wet sponge right after it comes from the hot oven. Growing up in Tripoli I used to hear the phrase ( khubzet mdas ) which means a sandal bread if we translate it but the name was given to this kind of bread because it has the same shape as the local sandals men use to wear back then ( which is kindda funny to name a bread over a sandal !!),…

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    Pumpkin Lamb stew ( eid Stew )

    i grew up having this dish every Eid, i had it made by my Grandmother then my Aunt, its connected to Eid for me, like it will not taste the same if we make it in any regular day. this is a traditional dish that is special for the east side cities, i personally think it has been influenced by Andalusian coz of the raisins use with chickpeas and lamb, its something close to the Moroccan which is also influenced by the same area.

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    apricot hazelnut tart

    i have never though mixing hazelnut with apricot will turn out this good till i read an article  ( link ) about how apricots has a nutty flavor, so i decided to try this tart recipe from Bake from Scratch, the result was really good, one thing i had to change, used less apricots and since i'm not a big fan of ice-cream so i didnt serve my tart with i,t just cooled with my evening coffee. as any tart recipe we start with processing dry ingredients but since there is hazelnut in this recipe , we start with processing it with sugar till it becomes smooth then the rest…

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