• basic

    Peri peri sauce

    the famous Peri Peri sauce that i was craving for sometime, i checked Nando's website and surprisingly i discovered they DO share recipes which hit me to why NOT, why cant i just make the sauce at home ? so i did some research and came up with 3 recipes, slightly different but after trying and trying i came up with my own recipe that i THINK its 95% close to Nando's or at least  it was satisfying to my craving lol. anyways, this will make a good patch and you can manage how spicy and hot you want it to be by playing with pepper types amounts.

  • basic,  breads

    sunflower seeds bread

    this bread surprised me to be honest, i have never used a different type other than the white flour to bake, but this sunflower dark flour made the bread super moist. i must say ( despite my addiction to breads) but kneading the dough is a stress relief method for me, just give it a try and you'll be happy with result coz the more you knead the dough the more the gluten develops and the better your bread will turn after baking.

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