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    Roselle Mint Juice

    so its well known as hibiscus juice, but for some reason i like the Italian name more, its more dramatic and represents the color and taste of this juice. i added a twist as most you know i’m addicted to lemon and mint so i was like why NOT ? yes lemon and mint worked fine with my Roselle too. add lots of ice and enjoy the freshness recipe Ingredients:   1 cup hibiscus flowers ( roselle ) 5 Tbsp. sugar 1.5 litre boiling water 1 lemon sliced 1 cup of fresh mint Ice Method: In a deep bowl put all the Roselle, sugar and pour the hot boiling water…

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    peach honey sorbet

    its finally SUMMER, i know i KNOW most of you hate it but i just LOVE the long days, i’m always hyper and happy as long as the sun is up :D. add to that summer begins with one of my favorite fruits, peaches and apricots, then comes water melons and ending with grapes, not to forget figs :D. so for a start and because it is super hot these days i thought of making sorbetto with these amazing fresh fruits, its so refreshing and what i love the most about it, is it has no fat,as it has no dairy in it so basically just fruits, water and sugar!…

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    Peach Iced Tea

    I can call this drink, my Husban’s favorite drink, he would have it with any meal, and yes for him it can be replacing water lol. when i first got married ( not toooo long ago just 10 years ago lol ) we used to bring ice tea ready to make powder packages from italy and i remember i used to panic when we are about to run out of them coz it means i have to wait till my mother-in-law comes for a visit or until we go there again, so i was just thinking about it, what would be so special in it that i cant make at…

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