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    Libyan Bread

    This recipe is definitely influenced by the Italians who lived in Libya ( Tripoli ), it is very close to the ciabatta bread except for the shiny crust of it as the Libyan one is wiped with a wet sponge right after it comes from the hot oven. Growing up in Tripoli I used to hear the phrase ( khubzet mdas ) which means a sandal bread if we translate it but the name was given to this kind of bread because it has the same shape as the local sandals men use to wear back then ( which is kindda funny to name a bread over a sandal !!),…

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    strawberries love swiss roll

    We are all stuck at home for the same reason, my first 2 weeks and a half were just fine, actually I enjoyed being home with the kids doing all the delayed stuff I have been delaying for ages, but when it started to be a FORCED condition of staying at home, the anxiety started to get over me, its spring outside yet we need to stuck inside!!! UNFAIR but it is a MUST !   My daughter ( which I call a strawberry little mouse ) kept asking for a strawberry cake, so today I decided to get my self together and bake the cake for her and most…

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    Simply A Bread!

    making breads and working with all types/brands of flours out there in the market have been a GREAT challenge for me, i admit i failed many times to achieve the result desired,i was really struggling to know the secret of making a bread with those big air holes inside, how to make a sourdough starter and all. i MUST say this book ( Flour Water Salt and Yeast ) was life game changing for me, i cant describe how great the book is, all the details you need in a simple way to make great breads and pizzas. so to be fair and honest, this is NOT my recipe, its…

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    Perfect Banana Bread!

    i have never ever EVER liked the taste of bakes/cooked banana, like EVEEER until i tried a recipe i found online for banana muffins from cosette's kitchen  ( which is one of my favorite food bloggers and you MUST follow her ) those muffins made me realize the amazing taste baked banana have that is similar to caramel which is why i changed a bit in her recipe and started making this super delicious banana bread with dark chocolate chunks! try it and you will love me more 😛 Perfect banana bread RECIPE  ingredients: 2 ripe bananas ( 1 extra for decorating on top) 1/4 cup light brown sugar 1/4 cup…

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    cheddar flat bread

    being a libyan means i have to have bread every single day, its the usual normal thing to have breads as part of each lunch and dinner, for me i dont care what type of bread it is as long as it goes perfectly with the meal, i will always welcome those lovely YUM carbs :). as the everyday struggle starts of what to make for lunch i was really craving some cheesy bread but more like the ftera style, i didnt want it to feel like a real bread but more like something light and flaky, so i was like ok why not mixing both ? and by that…

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    Nutella Swirl Brioche

    i am alomst sure that Nutella is the thing should be used to make peace around the world dont you think so too ? i mean its the thing all genders and ages love, even if they are not IN LOVE with it they still dont hate it! i dont know why but i have been thinking about making something with it that involves a " dough" , i made hazelnut cookies before and they were a hit to be honest, perfect cookies to store unbaked which is ideal for a make ahead of time recipes, everyone like EVERYONE loved them and they were full of nutella lol. So, i…

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    Jam Roly Poly Cookies

    i think i got my love for fruity dessert from my mom, its not that i dont like chocolaty or those salted caramel desserts but still if you ask me what is your favorite i will answer LEMONY desserts with raspberries or maybe strawberries these Roly Poly cookies win for my mom, they are kind of her favorite and since its mother's day in few days i thought of making them instead of a typical cake :).     i adopted the recipe from Biscuit book by  Miranda Gore Browne ,It is perfect if you would like to make it ahead of time since it has freezing steps which is…

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    cheddar Pretzel knots

    i was having one of those days when i cant decide what to make for lunch and all i wanted was some hot soup specially it was raining heavy for 2 days and it was soooo cold outside, but you know a soup for us is not considered ad a real meal lol i mean we are arabs after all!!!, so i have decided to make lentil soup and on the side we will be having some kind of breads. i found a pretzels recipe on Whats Gaby Cooking website that i have adopted and changed a bit to fit what i have in hand, i switched Parmesan with cheddar…

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    dates and carrots cake

    believe it or not, the only way to get my son to eat carrots is by making carrot cake or muffins, like seriously  he hates carrots and every time he asks me what cake is this i answer ( yumy dark shade cake ) lol , does that count as a lie ? i dont know if that makes me a bad MOM but come one he eats a whole piece everyday, actually he is ready to have more if i allow him, so being a GOOD MOM i decided to make that cake extra healthy and add another ingredient he doesn't like to eat which is dates !!, i…

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    3 ways to store lemons for another season

    my father has a big Lomon tree in his garden, he gave me 2 huge bags full of lemons the other day and there you go the question poped ( what am i going to do with all these lemons ?). i mean yes i'm addicted to lemonade and so ready to drink it every single day but HELLOO it's winter and i'm freezing already! so  i thought the best solution is to find a way to store it. i picked up 3 perfect ways to store those lemons based on my usage of course, i used the whole lemons, ZERO wasted here lol. so basically i made: Candied lemon…

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